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The Melbourne Yoga Centre is Australia’s premier centre for the practice and teaching of Alexander Yoga – a subtle and sophisticated application of the Alexander technique to hatha yoga practice. All the teachers at the centre are qualified Alexander Technique teachers and hold a Certificate in Yoga and Alexander Technique Teaching from the School from F.M. Alexander Studies. They have completed at a minimum three years full time study in gaining this certificate.

Thanks to the specialised training of Alexander Technique teachers and our small class sizes, we can work with you as an individual, employing yoga postures that work for you instead of trying to adjust you to the posture.

Alexander Teachers are trained to use their hands to gently guide the student as they work. Habits vary from person to person, and we will help you to become aware of your own strengths and weaknesses.

Enhance your Yoga

In these classes we look at the application of the Alexander Technique to this traditional discipline. In particular we pay a good deal of attention to the way in which people move, rather than how far they move. People bring their habitual faulty patterns of movement to yoga practice, just as they do to every other activity of life. The emphasis in these classes is on identifying dysfunctional movement patterns, and learning to move in a non-habitual and easier manner. In these classes coordination is much more important than flexibility.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is an ancient system of harmonizing and centering mind, body and spirit.
The yoga postures or asanas were developed in a traditional Indian society, amongst a society without chairs and consequently members of that society were more flexible in cross-legged sitting and squatting.

Rather than trying to get people to force their bodies into the shape of some of the classic yoga postures, we encourage people to move in ways that promote an opening and freedom, without putting pressure on the neck, back or knees, areas that are often injured by people trying to force their bodies into inappropriate movements.

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